Umm, hi?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
So, I just need to start by saying how proud I am of myself in this moment. It's July 19, school doesn't begin for (almost) another month, and I am setting up my blog WHILE printing new products I purchased during the TpT #spedtakesorlando dollar deals sale. This is really something, people.

Needless to say, I am definitely a self proclaimed Type B Teacher (I'll thank my instagram/teacher/maker secret best friend Blair Turner for coining that term!). But with that being said, I deeply care about education, my students, providing quality instruction, and making a comfortable and caring classroom environment for all of us. I just happen to realize in June that my kiddos are completing snowman themed task cards - EVERY YEAR.

I have taught in the same school district for 6 years with students with moderate to severe special needs. It was my biggest blessing and my biggest challenge - working in a high needs school in an extremely low income school district, with the most high needs kids. This last year was my hardest of my years thus far, and I knew I needed a change if I ever hoped to teach another year (shoot, I wish I was exaggerating).

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