The Amazing Way that Picture Rings Can Be a Behavior Incentive

Friday, October 7, 2016
Last week I posted an Instagram Story (are you following me? @_missbehavior) showing our class' picture rings, and I got tons of questions about them.

Honestly, they're pretty simple! I use a standard binder ring, a hole punch, and my trusty laminator. I thank my lucky stars on a daily basis that my current school has unlimited copies and a wonderful color printer. In years past I have not had this luxury and have relied on crowd funding sites like DonorsChoose. 

I think the most powerful part of these picture rings is student choice. When I have a spare moment (typically during free time), I have students come to my laptop with me and we find pictures they choose on Google Images. I've had kiddos pick pictures of Ninjago, Hello Kitty, skateboarding, Loud House, sticky hands (those horrible gummy toys in the shape of hands - haha!), and more. I print them, laminate them, cut them out, and hole punch them in the corner.

How to Incorporate Breathing and Yoga to Bring Calmness to Your Classroom

Monday, October 3, 2016
Classroom calmness is NOT easy to cultivate, but it's possible. Here's a few ideas and resources that have worked for me, thus far, in my self contained ED classroom.


Yoga has been the beginning of my journey in creating a calm classroom. I LOVE teaching yoga to the kiddos. It's a great brain break, helps with self control, and teaches so many skills that can be hard to target in other capacities. When I teach yoga, I personally do not use yoga videos. I find that following a person's movements (whether it's you, a gym teacher, or an outside instructor) is way more beneficial than having the students follow a screen. They need the immediate feedback and ability to modify that a live instructor can offer and a video cannot.

You don't need mats, but I have found that they do help with boundaries. I created a DonorsChoose project to obtain yoga mats for my classroom a few years ago. Another idea is to ask students to bring in a beach towel, or you can grab them at a Dollar Tree or 5 Below when in season.

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