Friday, May 26, 2017

7 Days of Behavior Necessities: Day 6, Seating Hacks

Yaaaay Day 6! Seating hacks... I would die without all the accommodations we can provide for our kiddos seats!

One of my favorite hacks is raising a desk as a standing desk. With old school desks you can just as your custodian to raise it up a few notches, and viola! A standing desk. This is so helpful for kids who just don't like sitting. I have a few!

I also love any type of cushion. It gives kids special buy-in to stay in their seat, and of course gives movement and sensory input for our wiggle-worms. These even work in middle school! Don't blow them up all the way, so there is extra room for kids to move. Oh, and beware of scissors and pencils. There's always one kid who takes a pencil and pops the cushion, ruining it for everyone. Wah-wah.

These are two favorites!

I also love bouncy bands. These really need explicit teaching. Students will try to do a million and five weird and distracting things with them. I always let kids start out with being wacky and silly and then begin to share with them the expectations of it. I have found that they really help with students who tend to pace, because they are gaining some movement in their bodies, specifically legs, and they are still seated!

Anything I missed? There are a TON of cool flexible seating options, I just love that these work on ANY standard classroom desk and chair. All of my links are ones I have personally tried and love, and they are Amazon affiliate links :)


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