5 Helpful Behavior Books for Teacher Growth

Monday, March 18, 2019

1.) Self Reg by Dr. Stuart Shanker
I LOVE this book - it taught me so much about how our brains work during certain elements of the dysregulation and self-regulation cycle, as well as the real difference between self control and self regulation. While I'm not crazy about the push for using "self-reg" as it's own system created by the author, I do love how it's all rooted in psych research and brain based learning theories. So good, and helpful to learn the science behind students behavior.


Using Choice Boards as an Easy Proactive Behavior Intervention

Saturday, March 16, 2019
Coping Tools Choice Board - EDITABLE!

Just the concept of choice making ALONE is evidence based - Shogren et. al, 2004 tells us that implementing choices throughout the school day is consistently effective in reducing the frequency of problem behaviors, and additionally promotes self determination most specifically in students with identified disabilities. So yeah, let's give our kiddos choices, shall we?

5 Practical Alternatives to Suspension that REALLY WORK

Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Suspensions often feel like the only answer to certain behaviors. When schools do not have an overall climate of positive behavior supports, trauma informed practices, and ethical behavior practices - as a literal framework of the school - suspension absolutely can feel like one of the only solutions. While it can be hard for a single educator to overhaul an entire school climate in order to reduce suspensions, it's not impossible. The prerequisite to suspension alternatives must be a school climate that supports them. Without all the gears turning, it can be a consistent uphill battle to put these alternatives into practice. Before we get started on the alternatives, here are some frameworks to consider as a school to help build a culture of positive behavior and ethical practices for student growth.

Why Real Photos Can Be Your Key to Student Growth

Saturday, March 2, 2019
Real photos matter - because they work. 

I love clip art, too! It's easy to find pictures of children depicting a variety of behaviors and emotions, and typically they're really clear and easy to identify (if you invest in quality clip art!). But what about our concrete thinkers - kids who need explicit instruction and plans for generalizing our lessons into REAL life?

Photos can be so beneficial for our kids. It's a primary source of sorts, which we all know is best practice with our lessons. So, what do we do with these photos?!

A Peek Inside the Ultimate Behavior Bundle

Expected and Unexpected Behavior Activities
This is one of my favorite resources I've ever created, and very well loved among my former students and teachers around the world who have purchased and used these materials. You can check it out on TeachersPayTeachers here!

Let's take a peek inside!
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