Using Choice Boards as an Easy Proactive Behavior Intervention

Saturday, March 16, 2019
Coping Tools Choice Board - EDITABLE!

Just the concept of choice making ALONE is evidence based - Shogren et. al, 2004 tells us that implementing choices throughout the school day is consistently effective in reducing the frequency of problem behaviors, and additionally promotes self determination most specifically in students with identified disabilities. So yeah, let's give our kiddos choices, shall we?
Coping skills are some of the greatest things we can teach our students - because you can't get too far if you don't have the ability to regulate your body and emotions! In school we often have a variety of tools for students to access to help them with regulation, but offering elements of choice for them can really make this system more effective!!

This beautiful choice board is PERRRFECCTTTT for helping our students identify effective tools that will assist them in regulating their emotions! This is a full page version, but if you check out the product listing on TpT, you'll see that there's also a half-page version (of which you can also resize using your printer settings!) if you need something a bit smaller. It offers space for 8 pictures of coping tools that you can determine based on student needs and availability. 

After you laminate and velcro-up the board, you will have 20 pictures to choose from already available to you (a wide variety of tools!) and an editable page where you can add in real photos of unique tools you have available in your school or home setting, if you're a parent/guardian looking to use this in your home.

The supplies I use to create these boards are all linked below. 


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