Well, hello, I'm Allie. I live in Chicago with my husband Brad (check out his website!), our rescue dogs Stella & Gracie, our very cranky cat Esther, and our rabbit Leonard (ok, he's really a class pet!).

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I love teaching. It's an incredible job and I feel really blessed I found something to do with my life that I really enjoy that also greatly contributes to my community and the lives of others.

I currently teach at a therapeutic day school for children with severe Emotional Behavior Disorders. My school is public and we are a part of a much bigger school district. About 80% of our students live at a residential treatment center that is attached to our school. This means that my students were removed from their homes (for a multitude of reasons) and the foster placements they were given were unsuccessful. Many of my students have been in 5+ failed foster placements. They then move to residential treatment to gain the skills they need to become reunified with a family member or have a successful foster experience. The remaining 20% of our students come from district schools! My days can be very busy dealing with behaviors, but I have found a deep love for my students despite their tough exteriors. Kids are kids!

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I also LOVE to read, travel, and be outside.

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I'm glad you're here! You rock, you matter, you are doing really good things. I say that out loud because I need to remind myself of it, too.


  1. Hi Allie, I came across your blog through a facebook group. I am a school psychologist and recently developed a Behavior Observation App. It might be of use in your classroom. Email me if you are interested in trying it. edpsychla.org@gmail.com


  2. Hello Allie, I bought your zones "Emotional Regulation Tool Kit" from TPT. The wording is a little different than what we use at my school. Do you have a copy of the kit using these words - Red Zone, Blue zone, yellow zone and green zone? thank you

  3. I just found your blog. I am an EBD teacher too and an so happy I finally have found some encouragement for my kind of teaching! I'll be reading every post!!!