Well, hello, I'm Allie. I live in Chicago with my husband Brad (check out his website!), our rescue dogs Stella & Gracie, our very cranky cat Esther, and our rabbit Leonard (ok, he's really a class pet!).


I love teaching. It's an incredible job and I feel really blessed I found something to do with my life that I really enjoy that also greatly contributes to my community and the lives of others.

I have my undergraduate degree from Illinois State University in Special Education, and my Master's degree from The University of Illinois in Special Education which allowed to gain my credentials to be come a Multiple Disabilities Specialist. I additionally am trained in trauma informed practices and recently become a Trauma and Crisis Specialist through the American School Counselor Association.

Over my 9 years in the classroom, I taught in self contained settings in Chicago and the surrounding urban areas. I found myself most passionate about serving children with emotional disabilities, as they're often very misunderstood. Equitable behavior plans and effective classroom management became my passion projects!

Currently, I am a special education consultant for a local non-profit, helping to build capacity for the variability among learners that teachers have in their classrooms. I love helping educators and it has been a welcomed change at this stage in my professional life. You never know where life will take you next!


I also LOVE to read, travel, and be outside.


I'm glad you're here! You rock, you matter, you are doing really good things. I say that out loud because I need to remind myself of it, too.


  1. Hi Allie, I came across your blog through a facebook group. I am a school psychologist and recently developed a Behavior Observation App. It might be of use in your classroom. Email me if you are interested in trying it. edpsychla.org@gmail.com


  2. Hello Allie, I bought your zones "Emotional Regulation Tool Kit" from TPT. The wording is a little different than what we use at my school. Do you have a copy of the kit using these words - Red Zone, Blue zone, yellow zone and green zone? thank you

  3. I just found your blog. I am an EBD teacher too and an so happy I finally have found some encouragement for my kind of teaching! I'll be reading every post!!!


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