Skype-based consulting is perfect - you can be in your classroom, on your couch, or in your pajamas - from anywhere in the world. Let us help you carefully walk through those sticky behavior problems. 

Sometimes you just need a little guidance to send you in the right direction. It doesn't matter if you're a brand new teacher, a veteran in the classroom, or a professional taking on a new role - consulting with an outside professional can help you see behavioral needs through a new lens. Work with Allie directly during a 60 minute Skype session on classroom management, behavior plans, sticky behavioral situations, making your school trauma-informed, and more!

Allie does not consult on individual student needs, but on behavioral situations occurring in your school or classroom setting. Skype consultation sessions are designed for school professionals - from administrators, to special education directors, to paraprofessionals, classroom teachers, and other school based professionals. 

Skype sessions are customizable to your individual needs - when you purchase your 60 minute consultation session, you will be directed to a Google form where you'll answer a few questions to help Allie understand your needs. Within 48 hours, you'll hear directly from Allie via email to schedule your session!

Still have questions about if consulting is right for you? Email Allie & ask!

60 minute Skype consultation sessions are $99. Grab yours today!

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